the effects of entrepreneurial characteristics on business performance

THE EFFECTS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL CHARACTERISTICS ON BUSINESS PERFORMANCE CHAPTER I 1.0 INTRODUCTION Entrepreneurial characteristics for both developing and developed countries, small and medium scale firms play important roles in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Apart from increasing per capita income and output, Small Medium businesses create employment opportunities, …

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problems and prospects of small and medium enterprises in nigeria.

PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA. Small and medium scale enterprises (SME’s) have played and will continue to play a remarkable role in the growth, development and industrialization of many economies in the world. In the case of Nigeria, SME’s has performed below expectations due to …

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business credit availability and its impact on small and medium scale enterprises in nigeria

BUSINESS CREDIT AVAILABILITY AND ITS IMPACT ON SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA The Concept of Entrepreneurship Business credit availability throughout the theoretical history of entrepreneurship, scholars and researchers from multiple disciplines such as anthropology (steward, 1991), psychology (shaver and Scott, 1991), sociology (Reynolds, 1991), economic (Kirchhoff, 1991), management …

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assessment of siwes relevance to business education programme objectives

ASSESSMENT OF SIWES RELEVANCE TO BUSINESS EDUCATION PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background to the Study The level of development of a country is often considered to be an offshoot of the nature of her educational system and programme. This point is true to the extent that the technological objectives …

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entrepreneur competency required by business education student in establishing smale scale ventures in akwa ibom state

ENTREPRENEUR COMPETENCY REQUIRED BY BUSINESS EDUCATION STUDENT IN ESTABLISHING SMALE SCALE VENTURES IN AKWA IBOM STATE CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Entrepreneurship is now seen as an important component within contemporary economic development of a nation. Its critical role to the economy of nations is now widely acknowledged within …

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the role of business education in poverty eradication

THE ROLE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION IN POVERTY ERADICATION TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter One      Introduction Background of the study Statement of the problems Purpose of the study Research questions Significance of the study Scope of study Limitations Definitions of the study Chapter Two      Review of literature Chapter Three   …

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attitude of business education teachers towards teaching:

ATTITUDE OF BUSINESS EDUCATION TEACHERS TOWARDS TEACHING:   ABSTRACT The primary objective of this study was to assess and describes the attitude of business education student’s teachers towards the teaching profession. The view of 75 students were sampled with questionnaires administrated on student. Data analysis revealed that majority of student …

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the use of information and communication technology in teaching of business studies: a case study of some selected secondary schools in oredo local government area of edo state.

THE USE OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING OF BUSINESS STUDIES: A CASE STUDY OF SOME SELECTED SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN OREDO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF EDO STATE. ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to find out skills development in information  and communication technology of some selected secondary schools in …

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